Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dorothy was right: There’s no place like home.

So I'm home for the Holidays; to talk with sponsors, suppliers and especially Captain Mark Schrader, of the Around The Americas vessel SV OCEAN WATCH, who completed a west-to-east Northwest Passage in 2009 during his near 28,000nm voyage around North America and South America.

Admiral Michelle, Philip and I drove north in our 850 Volvo to flood stricken Stanwood north of Seattle to meet Mark at what might be the best pizzeria in Washington state, Jimmy's Pizza. At high noon there comes another 850 Volvo with Captain Mark Schrader. We discover that both of our Admirals' are named "Michelle" - that makes it easy - Michelle this and Michelle that - not missing a single beat or speaking out of turn.... lol ... as my Michelle was taking it all in seated next to me and across the table from Mark. Mark's Michelle was back at the ranch enjoying her horses. Captains talk another language... everything has acronyms, abbreviations or some never heard of nautical terms... I could see the twinkle in the Admiral's eyes as she listened and took notes. Michelle explained her method of galley madness to Mark as he nodded with agreement... then exclaimed "Sounds like you are good hands and ready for a trip of a lifetime... I really want to go back again. I already miss exploring its secrets."

L-R: Captain Mark Schrader, Admiral Michelle and Captain Douglas Pohl

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