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After reaching the two poles in 1909 and 1911, Mt Everest in 1953 and the Seven Summits in 1986. What else is there to explore, or to conquer?
After over 30 expeditions in 100 countries explorer Johan Ernst Nilson started to plan his biggest adventure ever; a unique journey still undone and one of the most difficult adventure projects ever attempted; Pole2Pole!
The expedition starts with skis on the North Pole on the exact date of Peary’s discovery, April 6, and will then reach Greenland two months later. From Greenland Johan and his team will then continue 1000 km with dogsled
over Greenland where they will sail across the Arctic Ocean into Canada. From Canada the journey continues with bike across North America and South America through jungles, deserts and mountains into Patagonia.
After six month on the bike Johan and his team will travel to the coldest place on Earth; Antarctica. Johan and his team will then ski and kite for two months across the continent until they reach the other side of the planet; the South Pole. The odyssey will take approximately one year to accomplish and will be done Climate Neutral.
The team will use skis, kites, doglsed, solarpower, bikes and a sailboat to be able to travel between the two poles. Any distance that can´t be done without engine will be climate compensated. Between the poles Johan and the Pole2Pole team will visit charity organizations to cover the important work the organizations do for our world.
The Pole2Pole Expedition is the one journey left undone… Follow the adventure!
Since the early 19:th century, explorers have been trying to reach the polar regions and the ends of the world; The North Pole in the Arctic and the South Pole in Antarctica.
Explorers like Shackelton, Amundsen, Cook, Peary and Nansen all had the same dream and many vanished in their fight against nature. The first expedition to cross the Antarctic Circle was run by Cook, who circumnavigated Antarctica in 1772-75 without actually sighting it.
The first person to claim to have reached the Geographic North Pole was Robert Peary on the 6th of April 1909 and the first person on the South Pole was Amundsen on December 14th, 1911. 1909-1911 were the most important years in polar history. Now 100 years has past and the most spectacular of all adventures is still to be done; the journey from the North Pole all the way down across the globe to the South Pole.
During the one year long journey between the two poles, Johan and his team will produce an international TV documentary and a photo book based on the polar regions.
Training for polar expeditions can only be made in the polar regions, so in May 2009 Johan brought training to the extremes by doing a polar expedition 1500 kilometers across Greenland.

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