Wednesday, September 7, 2011

BOOK - Essentials of Sea Survival by Michael Tipton, PhD

Essentials of sea survival [Book]

Each year, 140,000 water related deaths occur worldwide. These deaths are rarely true
“accidents,” because most maritime incidents are caused by lack of preparedness. If you
frequently participate in aquatic activities, have you stopped to consider the nature of the
threat confronting you? What steps can you take to improve your chances of surviving in the
water or on a survival craft? Is your knowledge of the basic principles sufficient to enable you
to adapt, improvise, and survive?

Reading Essentials of Sea Survival prepares you to avoid disaster, even in the worstcase
scenario. The book is a compelling, informative, and comprehensive guide to openwater
survival. Drawing on historical anecdotes as well as published scientific research, it
examines the nature of the many threats confronting the survivor at sea and outlines, in lay
terms, the methods you can use to prevent or minimize the dangers.

Authors Frank Golden and Michael Tipton are internationally recognized experts in coldwater
survival. In Essentials of Sea Survival they explain the scientific reasoning behind much of
the conventional teaching on openwater survival, dispel many misconceptions about how
and why people die at sea, and provide up to date information on sustained survival in cold
water. The lessons they teach are drawn from classic maritime disasters and personal
accounts of nearmiraculous survival, as well as carefully controlled laboratory experiments.

The first half of the book deals predominantly with the physiological and behavioral responses to cold, immersion, and drowning. The second half addresses techniques for survival and rescue, either in the water or in a lifeboat. You’ll find
• detailed explanations of hypothermia, cold shock, drowning, and near drowning;
• wellresearched information on the physiological responses to shortand long term immersion and exposure;
• a commonsense approach to life jacket, flotation device, and survival gear selection; and
• step-by-step explanations of how to safely abandon ship, board a life craft, dispense water and rations, divide duties, conserve energy and strength, and proceed with a successful rescue.

Essentials of Sea Survival is a fascinating blend of historical anecdote, scientific fact, and
practical application. Historical examples put the scientific content into real life context, making it understandable and memorable. You’ll also appreciate the easily accessible chapter summaries and recommendations, helpful glossary of terms, and list of references for those who want even more information on the subject.

No other book offers the scope and depth you’ll find in Essentials of Sea Survival. Scientists and academic audiences will find the technical research of interest, and recreational water sport participants will enjoy the real life scenarios as well as the practical advice on how to endure the elements at sea. Essentials of Sea Survival gives you a comprehensive and practical understanding of the dangers you face so that you can construct an informed survival strategy and maximize your chance of openwater survival should disaster strike.

Chapter 1 Introduction: A Catalogue of Disaster
Chapter 2 The Problems the Body Faces in a Survival
Chapter 3 Behavioural Thermoregulation
Chapter 4 Initial and Short term Immersion
Chapter 5 Drowning and Neardrowning
Chapter 6 Hypothermia
Chapter 7 Survival Time in Cold Water
Chapter 8 Necessities for Sustained Survival: Water and Food
Chapter 9 Castaways: Survival in an Open Boat or Lifecraft

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