Monday, October 17, 2011

X-PRIZE - Exploration Prize Group offers tiny $10,000 grand prize after Oil Spill X-PRIZE of $1,000,000 - create a video project? Embarrassing!

The goal of the Exploration Prize Group is to expand the use of space, the ocean and other unexplored frontiers in order to improve life on Earth and extend life beyond the confines of land. We believe we can achieve these objectives by researching space and Earth’s oceans, accessing and conserving their resources, catalyzing private, non-governmental activity, and tapping into our innate wonder about the Earth, the Universe and our place within each.

The X PRIZE Foundation wants to spread the word about the importance of Exploration in today's world. As humanity faces an increasing number of challenges, it has become increasingly important to explore the boundaries of our knowledge, and to uncover innovative new ways of thinking about our planet and ourselves.
We invite you to upload a video about why you prize exploration. What drives you? Where do you explore? What do you hope to achieve?
Please feel free to use the assets provided on this site to supplement your video.
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