Saturday, December 3, 2011

Deschutes Landmark... what if this was remade on a 10,000 nautical-mile M/V GREY GOOSE voyage through the Northwest Passage?

A Deschutes Film

Thank you, Fate. Karma. Destiny. Cascade peaks out the front door. The Deschutes swirling out the back. Everywhere we turn, nature tosses something epic, jaw-dropping or downright spiritual our way. We take inspiration, and pay tribute, with intense, pioneering, namesake beers. In fact, a person could carve out a damn fine adventure careening from Black Butte to Mirror Pond to Green Lakes and the far reaches of our High Desert home. Not that we’d ever suggest that or anything. That would be crazy. Or Bravely Done.

Deschutes Landmarks from NORTH on Vimeo.

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