Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ultimate Adventure Bucket List 2012

Twenty of the world's top athletes and explorers share their wildest dream trips—a dazzling list of never attempted feats daunting to even these world-class competitors. For the rest of us, consider their must-do adventures—and start planning. —Kate Siber
  • Dive the Poles
  • Climb Asia Australia
  • Mountain Bike New Zealand
  • Ski South Georgia Island
  • Climb Tallest Himalaya Mountains
  • Kayak Yarlung Tsang Po Tibet
  • Ice Climb Baffin Greenland
  • Cave Dive Surf Florida Bahamas
  • Base Jump Shipton Spire Pakistan
  • Hike Continental Divide Trail
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Peru
  • Snowboard Himalaya
  • Dogsled Arctic Canada
  • Bike Highest Roads Europe
  • Ski Powder Highway Canada
  • Surf Circumnavigation
  • Hike Arctic Yukon Alaska
  • Kite Ski Kamchatka Russia
  • Kayak Circumnavigation South America
  • Ski South Pole Antarctica

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