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Hilo Moreno and Daniel Lambert 1300 km Yukon paddle

In August & September long rivers, far from any inhabited town with lot of mosquitoes, grizzlies and black bears in the round, awaits the Antarctic glacier guide and the filmmaker.

For the past 4 Antarctic summers, Hermenegildo (Hilo) Moreno worked as a mountain guide for scientists at the Spanish research station, Juan Carlos 1. Back home from the Great White he ventures to other ice fields, like Svalbard and the Northern Patagonia Ice Cap, or paddle in Greenland, Scandinavia or North America.

Hilo shot over news to ExplorersWeb about his next canoe expedition. Currently he is preparing for a canoe expedition to the Yukon River and its tributaries during August and September he says.

The Yukon River and tributaries

Hilo and team mate Daniel Requena Lambert are planning to paddling first the Eagle River; from Dempster Highway (Yukon Territory, Canada) starting August 8th. If things go according to plan they will arrive at Dalton Bridge (Alaska) around September 15th to 20th.

“The route will be Eagle River, Bell River, Porcupine River, Yukon River, Dalton Bridge (end), a distance of around 1300 km,“ Hilo says to ExWeb.

Speaking from experience, as he worked in the Yukon River area the last two summers, Hilo says there will be a lot of mosquitoes, grizzlies and black bears. “It is a very interesting place,” he added.

“This August we will go to a very remote area (Eagle River and Porcupine River); "easy" rivers but long and very far from any inhabited town.”

“We are going to use a canoe for two and take all of the equipment and food that we will need for a 40 days trip.” Hilo and Daniel hope to fish during the expedition, but they prefer to carry all their food just in case the fish doesn’t bite. A First Nation village, Old Crow, in Canada close to the US border, is situated along their way and it will be possible to buy food there in case of need, Hilo says.


Daniel Requena Lambert is a long-time friend of Hilo and a professional cameraman and filmmaker who travels a lot. He produces nature and anthropology documentaries and made the films below. Daniel also works as an adventure tour guide and has been a kayak guide in south Greenland for three years.

This documentary The Tear of the Dragonfly is about a journey to the 8000 meter high Himalayas down to the shores of the southern tip of India. It is a visual poem centered around human beings, their surroundings and the different ways of surviving; the film goes through human history on earth.

The Tear of the Dragonfly from La Lágrima de la Libélula on Vimeo.

Below a video of Daniel Lambert Requena traveling with José Mijares and Hilo Moreno in the archipelago of Svalbard in April 2010. They were skiing 17 days from Ny Alesund to Longyearbyen.

Video of a 2007 Lapland trip - mixed pictures of the journey on skis with scenes from the annual Kaotokeino Sami cultural festival in Norwegian Lapland.

Hermenegildo (Hilo) Moreno, and adventure guide, lives with his wife in Ogden, Utah, at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. During the Antarctic summer he works as mountain guide for scientists at the Juan Carlos I Station (Spanish Antarctic base). He says to ExplorersWeb, “I work guiding them in the glaciers and in other "difficult places": Next year will be my 5th season. I really love my work.”

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