Wednesday, May 1, 2013

British Explorer Dies In Trek Across Arctic

Philip Goodeve-Docker
Philip Goodeve-Docker died before help could arrive (Photo: Facebook)

A British adventurer has died during an attempt to cross part of the Greenland ice sheet with two colleagues.
Philip Goodeve-Docker, 37, described as a "rookie to the Arctic", was taking part in the unsupported 400-mile trek with friends Andy Norman, 33, and expedition leader Roan Hackney.
Philip Goodeve-Docker
Despite being new to the Arctic he had been 'training furiously'
The men had planned to negotiate part of the ice cap from east to west in 30 days, pulling heavy sleds known as 'pulks' containing their food, equipment and supplies.
But they got into difficulties two days and 120 miles into the trip after they were engulfed by a severe snowstorm known as a 'Piteraq' which blew away their tent.
The men radioed for help but a helicopter was unable to reach their position until the next morning. By the time it arrived, Mr Goodeve-Docker was already dead and his colleagues were suffering from frost-bite and shock.
A statement issued by the Foreign Office said: "We are aware that three British nationals were in difficulty during an expedition in Greenland, and have been rescued by the authorities. 
"Sadly one of the team, Philip Goodeve-Docker, died. The other two British nationals are in hospital. We are providing consular assistance to their families at this difficult time."
An expedition website that had been set-up by the men states Mr Goodeve-Docker was "completely new" to the Arctic, but that he had been "training furiously" for the trip.
hilip Goodeve-Docke, Roan Hackney, Andy Norman
Mr Goodeve-Docker with team members Roan Hackney and Andy Norman
Expedition leader Roan Hackney is described as an experienced adventurer, having completed several Arctic expeditions, including being part of a team that attempted the same trip two years ago.
On the JustGiving page before he left for Greenland, Mr Goodeve-Docker wrote of the dangers he would face travelling across one of the most "deadly landscapes in the world".
"Part of my reasons for this frankly nutty adventure is my Grandfather, Patrick Pirie-Gordon, who passed away two years ago.
"Amongst his achievements were his key roles as Treasurer and Honorary Vice-President for the Royal Geographical Society, helping fund polar exploration, and Treasurer for the QNI. He was intensely passionate about both these institutions.
Greenland Ice-Cap Draws Global Warming Tourists
Greenland presents one of the most challenging terrains on earth
"It gave me added incentive to say yes to the expedition and, because of their fantastic work in nursing & helping those in need at home, to do my part for QNI. They really do fantastic work.
"So please dig deep and donate now. All the support will be great incentive to come back in one piece! :) I'm going back outside to stumble around with tyres again..wish me luck!"
A statement issued by Mr Goodeve-Docker's family, said: "To our son, brother and friend, we are so glad that you were on your adventure and expedition that you had wanted to do for so long. You will be unbelievably missed and your memory cherished. Xx"

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