Monday, July 15, 2013

Old Man (Mississippi) River or the Canadian Arctic? In a ROWBOAT? YOU GOT TO BE CRAZY!

Old Man (Mississippi) River Project:

Official Trailer:

Old Man River Project is a 10 chapter web-series.

This true story is about a 110-day expedition rowing the entire Mississippi River: Brett, Cliff, Magnus, Sarah and Kyle. The team built a historic boat by hand and rowed 2400 miles through the heart of America. Along the way they faced fierce storms, inner struggles, portaging their thousand pound boat around 10 dams, and coming face to face with some of the most intense industrial development on the planet.

A story by Brett Rogers. Filmed by Doug Copping. Edited by Max Attwood.

The Impact Equation: Lettuce vs Apples

Brett is a recent and proud member to The Explorers Club. Founded in New York City in 1904, The Explorers Club is an international multidisciplinary professional society dedicated to the advancement of field research and the ideal that it is vital to preserve the instinct to explore.
Brett believes storytelling can change the world.

TheLastFirst Canadian Arctic Expedition:

The creation of the craft:
Video capsize test:

20130715 - Still trying to row... expect more video sequences as they become available... if they survive!


Row the Northwest Passage? That’s just crazy

Opinion: After overcoming some significant obstacles, we’re almost ready to go

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