Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kayak tour goes to rarely seen Broughton Archipelago

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For sea kayakers looking for another wilderness paddle destination to equal the mix of wildlife encounters and stunning scenery they have found in B.C.'s Johnstone Strait, Sea Kayak Adventures is running a unique summer 2011 departure in the emerald waters of Broughton Archipelago off northern Vancouver Island.
The trip takes a water taxi out to the furthest island and returns via sturdy double kayaks through the world famous orca waters of the strait.
"In Johnstone Strait you see often see whale watching tours, fishing boats, and other commercial kayak groups" says Sea Kayak owner Terry Prichard. "But in this remote jewel of an island archipelago just a bit further out, you won't see anybody else."
Prichard says guests can see humpback and minke whales, porpoises, seals and sea lions while paddling their kayaks through the uninhabited island chains and intricate channels making up Broughton Islands Marine Park.
The trip ends in Johnstone Strait, home to Robson Bight, the world's only orca preserve, where there is a 99 per cent chance of viewing the "northern resident" -salmon-eating orcas -a unique subspecies found nowhere else in the world.
Other activities during the trip include exploring tide pools filled with sea stars and anemones, trekking into rain forests, visiting sites with ancient kitchen middens rich in native history and remote camping.
The six-day trip, which departs from Port McNeill, runs Aug. 8-13, 2011, and costs $1,550 including water taxi from Port McNeill and guides, meals, all camping and kayaking gear
For information, contact Sea Kayak Adventures at 1-800-616-1943 or go to seakayak

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